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Welcome to Mora Hockey.  Here are the answer's to the most basic question-

Why Hockey?

1. Hockey builds confidence - Hockey helps develop a positive attitude, self-image and self-esteem. There's nothing like ice to teach kids about standing on their own two feet.

2. Hockey teaches kids to fly - Nothing compares to the feeling of gliding on ice. It's like flying with your feet on the ground. 

3. Hockey builds mental agility - Decision-making, strategy, concentration — hockey teaches kids a lot more than how to skate. 

4. Rinks are warmer than you think - Nothing forges new friendships faster than youth hockey. Not only will your child make new friends, you will, too! Make that two hot chocolates, please. 

5. Hockey teaches persistence - Everyone stumbles on occasion, but hockey players always get back on their feet.

6. Hockey is for everyone - You don't have to be especially tall or especially large to excel. Boys, girls, tall, short, big, small — hockey players come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. 

7. Hockey develops social skills - It takes cooperation, teamwork and respect to succeed on and off the ice. Hockey teaches those skills, while also creating new friendships. 

8. Screening the goalie is better than screen time - Hockey gives children an engaging, fast-paced, healthy alternative to sedentary recreation.

9. Increased physical literacy - Nothing tops skating for the development of two fundamental skills: balance and the ability to glide.

10. You can play for a lifetime - Skating is low-impact and adult hockey participation is on the rise. 



The hockey season runs from about October until March.  Our younger teams will start a bit later, and each team has "age-appropriate" practice times.  

-- Don't worry, you won't find your 5-year old skating at 9:00 PM for example. 


Learn To Skate Participants

It is never too late to start your child in hockey! Previous skating experience is helpful but is not required.  

If you have not skated before, we encourage you to take advantage of the Learn to Skate program 

You will find it to be a great way for your child to learn the basics of skating, which in turn, will help your skater in their hockey play.  

If you're player has participated in the Learn to Skate Program and is ready for the next step, check out the Registration page.


Now, let's discuss where your child's level is.  

MAYRA has teams divided by their age level.  Here is the age chart for the 2022-2023 Hockey season.

Mini-Mite (Born on or after June 1, 2015)
Youth ages 5 and 6. Youth hockey associations in Minnesota Hockey offer a variety of programs at this age level that focus on teaching the basics of skating and hockey skills. Most programs are very affordable to allow kids to try the sport at a low cost and commitment. Non-checking.

 Mite (Born on or after June 1, 2013)
Primarily youth ages 7-9 but can include players eligible for Mini-Mite/6U. Most associations have multiple levels of Mite Divisions (D, C, B) based upon skill, age and size. There’s usually something for everyone! Non-checking.

10U Girls / Co-ed Squirt (June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2013)
Youth ages 9-11. Most associations have multiple levels of Squirt teams (A, B & C) with varying amounts of cost, travel and competitiveness. 

12U Girls / Peewee (June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2011)
Youth ages 11-13. Most associations have multiple levels of Peewee teams (A, B & C) with varying amounts of cost, travel and competitiveness. Non Checking.

Bantam (June 1, 2007 to May 31, 2009)
Youth ages 13-15. Many associations have multiple levels of Bantam teams (A, B & C) with varying amounts of cost, travel and competitiveness. Checking.

Minnesota Hockey Levels


**Mora Youth Hockey is fortunate to have equipment that is available for a $100 seasonal deposit. This equipment is mainly for MITE players, but often times equipment can be leased to Squirt level players as well. Everything is included EXCEPT Skates, Sticks, and Mouthguard.

Skates – make sure your kids are properly fitted for skates.  Buying skates is much different than shoes and kids do not wear the same size as their shoe. We recommend Lee's Pro Shop in Pine City. They have a great lease program that is low cost and offers return if player grows to a larger size during the season. The following are items needed to participate.

  • Hockey Socks - Provided by the association
  • Black Helmet (not expired)
  • Shin Guards
  • Supporter/cup/garter belt – these items are now integrated into one piece of equipment
  • Black Breezers (hockey pants)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Jersey (MITE players game jersey's are provide by the association annually)
  • Stick 

Water bottle and Tape (for your stick) is also recommended.