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MAYRA Fundraisers

Raffle Calendar Fundraiser

The Calendar Raffle fundraiser is an important part of the overall success of MAYRA. Without full participation from everyone, there is a risk of increased registration fees.

Each player is required to sell five (5) calendars. You are responsible for keeping track of all calendar raffle tickets. You MUST turn in the money (cash or check), the prize drawing slip and any unsold tickets prior to the November 30th deadline. If you lose any calendar raffle ticket(s) or calendar drawing ticket stub(s), you will be responsible for the cost of that raffle ticket(s).

First year families will not be required to sell raffle calendars.

MAYRA’s gambling manager, Jinx Greski, will be distributing raffle calendars, collecting check deposits and handling all aspects of this fundraiser.

You will be rewarded for selling more raffle calendars! For every raffle calendars you sell over and above your required 5 per player, you will get $5 off 2019/2020 year’s registration fees.

 That’s Italian  
Friday, February 8, 2019

35th annual community event and fundraiser

Would you like to donate? Here are ways you can help:

  • Silent auction items or baskets
  • Large baskets or boxes to contain silent auction items
  • Volunteers to cook noodles the night prior (4)
  • Metal strainer pot (on Loan is Fine)
  • Monetary, silent auction and food donations
Raffle Calendar Fundraiser

Heggies Pizza

Order forms and payment will be due on October 5, 2018. Delivery will be on October 25, 2018.  Please contact Julie Fore if you have additional questions. Ph. 320-224-2911