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Outdoor Rink & Warming House

MAYRA hockey operates the outdoor rinks and warming house. The hockey association is responsible for maintaining the building and getting the ice set. We've finally had some cooperation (a little too much maybe) with mother nature and the ice crews have worked diligently to maintain the rinks so our players and the community can enjoy them!! Each year we field questions about when the warming house will be open and each year it seem it's open less and less. This year we are going to try a new volunteer system which involves the MAYRA community.
If you, or someone you know is interested in volunteering they need to simply follow the link provided below, pick a date, and time to volunteer!  Once you've chosen the date and time that you will be volunteering you will need to get the keys to the building from the Civic Center Manager or staff member. We ask that you remain inside the building during the time you have chosen to volunteer. You must be 18 and over and provide your name, phone number and leave photo ID at the Civic Center when taking the building keys.

The link to Volunteer Spot for the MAYRA Outdoor Warming House is: http://vols.pt/oJYF2d
The outdoor rinks have been maintained by Mora Youth Hockey for many years and we take pride in being able to keep them up and running for the entire community. With all the other volunteering that our hockey families do it has become increasingly more difficult to find the man power to keep the warming house open. We hope that by involving more members of the community we can provide an activity for more to participate in and a warm place to sit and relax. The concession stand will only be open during special events, such as tournaments, weekends or no school days. Those days/times will be staffed by MAYRA Youth Hockey Volunteers.
If you have specific questions regarding this email or would like to be removed from the email list please contact us at: mayrasports2013@gmail.com.

Indoor Concession Stand Sign-Up

Click on the Volunteer Spot link below to sign up to work in the Indoor Concession Stand! Many dates available. We need your help!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Monthly Board Meeting

MAYRA monthly board meeting will take place on Monday, February 16, 2015  at 6:30 p.m. at the Mora Civic Center.

Welcome to Mora Area Youth Recreation Association (MAYRA)

Mission Statement

The Mora Area Youth Recreation Association mission is to organize, direct and promote youth activities in a manner that will positively represent our community in a fun, fair and safe environment for all participating youth.  The program seeks to develop, improve and challenge individual skills as well as team play concepts in a fun, positive and safe atmosphere.